What is stdClass in PHP

Stdclass is a generic empty class which is used to type case other type value to object. we can create anonymous PHP class. Using this feature we can create a new object with its own properties.

What is stdClass in PHP

In simple words:

Stdclass is an alternative to associative array.

To use this we don’t need to write a new class template, we can simply use stdclass and create an object.

Suppose we have user information value as an associative array.

$user = array();
$user['name'] = "Rahul";
$user['email'] = "rahul@gmail.com"
$user['age'] = 25;

To represent same information as a properties of an object, we can use stdClass as shown below.

$user = new stdClass;
$user->name = "Rahul";
$user->email = "rahul@gmail.com";
$user->age = 25;


When we quickly need to create an object to hold data then stdClass is best option to use in PHP. If find this tutorial helpful, please share with your friends.

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