Use Smart PHP Frameworks To Get Robust Web Applications

5th Oct 2018 by Vikash Kumar Singh

A number of businesses and developers looks for a highly organized and modern framework when it comes to developing a website. It is not easy to build a web or mobile application, using the PHP framework can solve this problem. This framework has become the first choice of the Web developers and is currently powering more than 80% of websites.

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How To Get Selected Text and Value of DropDownList Using JavaScript and jQuery

13th Jun 2018 by Vikash Kumar Singh

In this tutorial,we will learn how to get selected text and value of dropdown list by onchange event using jQuery and JavaScript. When user select dropdown text , then text and value is retrieved with jquery onchange event. A simple function is created to get dropdown text and value using JavaScript.

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Switch Grid and List View Using jQuery

29th Mar 2018 by Vikash Kumar Singh

In this tutorial we are going to see how to switch Grid and List view using jquery. This example will help you to understand easily how to create grid/list view in html using jquery. This concept is generally used in e-commerce website where you can see product in Grid and list view both by single click on button.

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Show and Hide Password Field with jQuery and JavaScript

17th Mar 2018 by Vikash Kumar Singh

In this tutorial, we will see how to show and hide password field with jQuery and JavaScript. This tutorial demonstrates the functionality of how to toggle password input field visibility. You have seen in many sites, password visibility option means you can see password while you are writing.This example will help you to understand how to make password visible when you are writing. First we check for current input..

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Top 40+ PHP Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

8th Mar 2018 by Vikash Kumar Singh

This is set of questions which is generally asked PHP interview question and answer for freshers.Important PHP Interview Questions with answers.These questions are frequently asked in interview by IT Companies. Get the top PHP interview questions here.

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