MySQL Interview Question

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1. What is MySQL ?

MySQL is open source Database Management System.


2. What is SQL ?

SQL is Structured Query Language which is used for Database Management System for query.


3. Types of SQL 

SQL are of two types languages DDL and DML

DDL– Data Definition Language – It is basically affects on table level.

DML – Data Manipulation Language- it affects on row level.


4. What is difference between where and having in mysql ?

The difference between where and having clause is that where clause can not used with aggregates but having clause can be used. Having clause have an additional filter to where clause.

Q. Why MySQL is used?

MySQL Database server is fast, reliable and very easy to use.This is an open source and you can download it from its website.

Q. What are Heap tables?

Heap tables are used in memory and they are used for high speed storage on temporary basis.

  • Auto Increment is not supported by Heap Table.
  • BLOB or Text field are not supported.
  • Only comparison operators are used.
  • Index should not be null.

Q. In which language MySQL is Written?

MySQL is written in programming language like C and C++.

Q. What are the technical specification of MySQL?

  • High Performance.
  • Flexible Structure
  • Replication and high availability
  • Manageable and easy to use.
  • Storage and security management.

Q. What is BLOB and TEXT in MySQL?

BLOB  stands for Binary Large Object. It is used to hold variable amount of data in it. There are four types of BLOB which is as follows:

  • BLOB

Q. What is trigger in MYSQL?

A trigger is set of codes which is fired or executed when some events occurs.

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