How to change WordPress admin URL

How to set Custom Admin Login URL of WordPress

Try to change WordPress admin url or any other url to secure your website. WordPress default login url is wp-login.php. Everyone commonly knows about default admin path like wp-admin these common uses of wordpress increases the chances of hacking on WordPress site. No one think about these common things like admin url,login url and username password for wordpress.
Now a day it becomes common for wordpress site to get bruteforce attack and your site redirected to malware containing site and got infected.All this is because WordPress by default uses wp-login and wp-admin for WordPress admin login details.
If you want to make your website safe and secure You must restrict and block any doubtful IP address and you should change WordPress default URL.

Access your wordpress website with HTTPS

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This is a communication protocol which is used for security and you can use it to secure login information. A WordPress URL like and for this You need to instaal SSL Certificate on your server to access HTTPS browsing. For this secure HTTPS browsing you have to pay charges.

Change Your WordPress Site admin Login URL using Plugins

You have better option of installing plugin and configure it to secure website. Better WP security is a WordPress PLugins which is used to change default admin login URL to make safe from hacking.


A) Better WP security

Go to Plugins option wp-admin and add new plugins .Search for Better WP security plugins installed and activate this plugin and configure it to change default URL.
Setup your Better WP Security plugin. Follow these steps to get completed.
1). Install the Better WP Security plugin and activate it.
2) Select an Option of secure your site and You got a POP UP with multiple option.
3) Select Back up your site option.
4) Select Allow File Updates option
5) Secure Your Site


B) HC Custom WP-Admin URL

– Use this plugin to change default admin URL