MYSQL – MYSQL is top most choice of database for web Development. MYSQL is  top most popular Relational  Database Management System for SQL. Now a days MYSQL is best choice of database for development of Web application.

This tutorial will introduce MYSQL in details in very easy and simple words.

MYSQL Introduction:

What is Database ?

Database is an application which store a collection of data. Database has distinct API for accessing and managing of data. Data storage may be of other type can be used like File system or large hash table but processing of data(mean read and write) is not fast and safe in these type.

PHP5 can work with MYSQL database using

  • MySQLi extension( “i”  for improved)
  • PDO (PHP Data Objects)

Database Management System(DBMS) – DBMS is basically a software which is used to manage the database in a systematic order.

Types of DBMS

RDBMS   – Relational Database Management System

DDBMS    – Ditributed Database Management System

MDBMS     – Mobile Database Management System

OODBMS       – Object Oriented  Database Management System

The Programming language used for Database Management System is Structured  Query Language(SQL) .It is firstally invented by IBM as common language for all the DBMS.

It consists of two types of languages like

  • DDL
  • DML

DDL – Data Definition Languages.It is basically works at table level.

DML – Data Manipulation Language. It is basically works at row level.



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