Use Smart PHP Frameworks To Get Robust Web Applications

Published on 5th Oct 2018 in PHP

Use Smart PHP Frameworks To Get Robust Web Applications

A number of businesses and developers looks for a highly organized and modern framework when it comes to developing a website. It is not easy to build a web or mobile application, using the PHP framework can solve this problem. This framework has become the first choice of the Web developers and is currently powering more than 80% of websites.

PHP is a web development and server-side scripting language that has its major role in meeting the standards of development. When you are creating complex projects, you will not have to start from scratch each time.PHP framework allows you to proceed with your project smoothly and ensures an advancement on the web application.

Reasons to select the PHP framework:

The website can be developed smoothly
Security of a website will not be at risk
Availability of systematized and reusable codes for the website developers
Can easily separate the logic and presentation
To boost the sales, scalable web applications can be used
PHP framework used with object-oriented programming tools

Multiple frameworks are currently available for a user in the market. Here, you will be enlightened with some of the best frameworks:




The name which comes first while developing a web application is Laravel. It is a kind of open- source framework which uses the architectural pattern like (MVC)model-view-controller.It has many features that support the efficient use of an application.

The organizations prefer to provide Laravel based development solutions. They use its quality features to develop a website and bring it to life. It uses its own template engine identified as a blade which is used to write PHP in the templates itself.



It is again, the most important framework that was designed to manage the speed. Phalcon is a C and C ++ language-based framework uses the MVC architecture design pattern. This comes with multiple features such as templates, ORM, writing, and controllers.

Developers are using this Phalcon framework, it is advanced and got superiority in comparison to others. It is really easy for you to understand, developers love to use it.



Symphony had launched in the year 2005 by Sensiolabs. It is the most used framework recognized for its stability. The framework is packed with a number of reusable components having an active community. Now, it became the first choice for the large-scale and complex projects. You can find symphony under the MIT license, it can be downloaded from the Github repository.

Most of its components has also used by Laravel framework. It has its famous template engine called “Twig” which is used by website creators. Symphony has handled some huge projects like ORM, CRM, Drupal, PIWIK and PHPBB.



It came in the year 2006, almost one decade old. Due to its simplicity and easy functionality, it assists in the seamless development of the app. This is easy to install with easy configuration. CodeIgniter is compatible with most of the hosting platforms.

This provides an advantage to the developers because they don’t need to start anything from the scratch. The size of CodeIgniter is just 2MB, downloading will be easy. If anyone wants to execute any complex tasks, third-party plugins can be added to it. It doesn’t hold any kind of commercial policies and subscription is not required for it. The resolution to difficult applications is just provided through it.


Cake PHP

This had been launched in the year 2005. In spite of being older, it comes under the top nine frameworks. Professionals are efficiently using this framework, it has introduced CakePHP 3.0 recently. It has been considered as the open-source framework which is written in PHP.

The framework uses MVC and is associated with data mapping. As a web developer, you can take the advantage of using guidelines with detail documentation. It facilitates simple and secure coding. Those who are using the latest version of CakePHP, they can get benefits of using decoupled components for better session management and modularity.

Zend framework:


There are multiple organizations that are using the Zend framework for more than a decade. A number of corporate companies such as Cisco and BNP are currently using it. It is useful to fasten the pace of the development process. This is a perfect combination of essential components that are needed in the development process.

This framework ensures you with easy customization and required low maintenance. Larger projects can be completed within the short time duration. Also, it is adaptable to numerous databases such as Oracle, SQL, and MySQL.

Yii framework:


After the introduction of Symphony and Laravel, Yii framework launched in the year 2008. Its 2.0 version made it popular among developers. This supports the MVC pattern and became the best choice for the companies to work on Yii application.

Yii has a lot of features which is capable to fulfill the needs to develop a modern and seamless web application. Its documentation is easy and better from other available frameworks.


Fuel is best for the beginners and professionals. It is versatile and is completely flexible. The framework is based on MVC and is recognized worldwide. Its powerful documentation sector helps a professional to develop a website with a simple syntax. Those who indulge in developing process will get everything after the removal of unnecessary features.

FuelPHP is an extendable framework which shows inputs and URI filtering. It has a better documentation quality with the authentication mechanism. This even supports new and advanced features to build any complicated web application.



The concept of PHPixie is completely new. It had been created to fulfill the need to establish a PHP framework which can perform better. This framework is quite similar to FuelPHP and is compatible with HMVC architecture design. Independent components are used to build it and are 100% unit tested.



By using DooPHP, programmers can create the application of the enterprise level. To develop an enterprise application, you can use MVC, ORM and REST design patterns. A reusable and manageable code can help a programmer to deliver the assigned work on time.



It is one of the types of PHP framework which supports powerful web application development. Slim doesn’t even need a full-stack PHP framework, it is used mostly to develop RESTful APIs and web series. It offers a number of amazing features such as URL routing session, HTTP caching and cookie encryption.

Conclusion: PHP frameworks are based on a number of methods and concepts. The above-given information is all about multiple frameworks which will help you in developing an effective website. When you are handling a website having complex CRM and CMS, you should select the PHP framework.

Author Bio: Jacob Colleen is an expert PHP framework developer at Webby Central, a renowned website development company and has an experience of several years over different frameworks associated to PHP. He believes in giving the best suggestions to the users who have an eagerness to learn. Apart from this, he shares an information over other technologies too.

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