Codeigniter Interview Question

Here are some latest and updated Codeigniter interview questions.Get latest interview question related to Web development.

1) What is Codeigniter ?
Codeigniter is an open Source framework used for web application. Ci is used to develop website on PHP. It is easy to use in compare to other PHP framework.
2) How to add or load model in Codeigniter?
We load model in controller function by using syntax shown below.
$this->load>model(‘model name’);
3) What is the use of Zend front controller ?
In front controller routing and dispatching is managed.It collects all the request from the server and handles it.
4) What are the hooks in Codeigniter ?
Hooks in the Codeigniter provides the feature to change theworking of framework without interfering core files of it.
It is defined in application/config/hooks.php file.
5) What are the different types of hook point in Codeigniter ?
The different types of hook included within Codeigniter are as follows:
• Post_controller_constructor
• Pre_controller
• Post_system
• Pre_system
• Cache_override
• Display_override
• Post_controller