How to optimize website for search engine results

Optimize a website for search engine means seen yor website in search results and displayed. The main syntax or sentence which is required to remember what a website need to get indexed for search results.



T   –   Title

M   – Meta Description

H    – Heading tags

I     –   Image

D   –   Diversity

R    –   Relevance

L    – Links

First of all let choose your keywords
Keywords for website matters for better find out in the result of search engine and get more traffic of website.

Title Tag

Title tag is first line of sentence or link which is displayed in search engine when we search for keywords. When we search for a keyword it match with title of website which have similar words in it.

How to optimize website for search engine results - PHP Cluster
How to optimize website for search engine results – PHP Cluster

How to set title of a webpage.

Putting this code between  <head> </head> you can set title of webpage.

<title> title of your webpage </title>

Key points of title
-> Put your title keywords which come to thought maximum .
-> Just concentrate and focus on keyword of title.
-> keywords of title must be relevant and based on content of webpage of website.
-> Restrict the title keyword for word limit because extra keyword out of limit is not displayed in search results.
-> No need to use special character in the title except dash(-) and |.

Meta Description

Meta description is short summary of what a webpage is about with short link of keywords mean tiltle. Description of Meta means it display about short sense of webpage.

Meta Description -PHP Cluster
meta description php cluster

How to define meta description for a webpage.

Putting this code between  <head> </head> you can set meta description of webpage.

<meta  name=”description”  content=” meta description content of website”>

Header Tags

h1,h2 and h3 tags for header of webpages.
tag is only used in website for title of webpage remaining title is generally used heading tag like h2 and h3. Google gives weight on h1 tag during searching for website or keywords.h1 tag increases the traffic of website with indexing h1 tag title in search engine.

Image Filename and Its Alt tags

Image file which is used in website always mention with alt tags. Description of image in details helps to indexed in search engine. Alt is mention in image for describing what image is about and easily searched.


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