How to Get Free Domain Specific Email Address

When we talk about the custom domain name we generally think about that custom domain specific email can be created through  hosting Cpanel as generally happens. Now a day I am discussing about how to create a custom domain. Custom domain for specific email can be created by Google apps or by outlook but now Google apps service is not free. Zoho is a free service for creating domain specific custom email. I recommend every user who wants free service for his custom specific mail id. Zoho mail service is providing 5GB per user and 25 user email accounts for organization. See below given steps to setup free custom domain specific mail with Zoho Mail Service. Have a look.

First Step:
Open Zoho mail signup link and click on signup button as display in given below image.

Zoho Signup - PHPCluster
Zoho Signup – PHPCluster

Second step:
Type your domain name and click on add domain button.

Zoho add domain
Zoho add domain

Third Step:
Fill the Signup form and click on Sign Up button.

Zoho Signup Form - PHPCluster
Zoho Signup Form – PHPCluster

Fourth Step:
Confirm email address and click on setup to continue.

Zoho Confirm Details
Zoho Confirm Details

Fifth Step:
You have to select you Domain Name Service provider from list given.

Zoho Select DNS Provider
Zoho Select DNS Provider

Sixth Step:
To Verify you have to add CNAME


Seven Step:
I) Login to Godaddy gto DNS manager > My Account > Domains.
II) Click on manage button in front domain name for which you want to setup zoho.
III) Click on DNS Zone file tab and click on add record.

Zoho Godaddy add record
Zoho Godaddy add record

IV) Select the record type as CNAME(alias)
V) Write host name as provide for your domain like zb***** and points to
VI) Click on finish button.

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