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Remove Parent Category From Subcategory URL in Magento

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 17:50:46 in

In this post we will see how to remove parent category from subcategory url in Magento(CMS). When there exist 3rd or 4th child category in magento then subcategory url become lengthy and looks very long. For this reason we want to display only current category in URL instead of all parent category. So here in this tutorial we will see how to remove all parent category from url and keeps only current subcategory.

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How to Set Up Google Sitemap in Magento

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 17:27:19 in

In this tutorial we will learn and see how to generate xml sitemap in Magento store. We do not require to visit any site for sitemap generation for Magento store because Magento have own feature for it. Now we will see steps need to follow to generate XML sitemap in Magento store with use of existing feature. There few steps need to follow which are mentioned in detail below. Go through these steps:

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How to Add Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Product Card in Magento

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 17:13:02 in

Nowadays share a link of your website or blog on Facebook is most common to promote your website and get more viewers. In this article we discuss about Facebook open graph meta tag. First of all we should know why we use open graph of Facebook in website? Facebook open graph is used to control your website or blog content to how appears on Facebook after share through link. Without using this open graph tag Facebook crawl website link and guess the image and content but not exact. To share exact content and respective image we prefer to use open graph Meta tag in website or blog. Same as Facebook ,Twitter Card is used to represent product content with image and description.

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Merge Login and Registration Form in Magento

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 16:42:29 in

In this article we will discuss how to merge login and registration form on one single page. Customer have not used to click on link for form switch or reloading.Login and registration on one single page is better process for customer either to create a new account or to login if has an account. Let us start tutorial we need to follow given below step:

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Get Order Details From Order Id In Magento

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 16:04:53 in

In this tutorial, we will see how to retrieve order detail by order id in Magento. Order details can be retrieving from either by increment id or entity id. In Magento(CMS) we often require to get order detail by order id and that is why we are discussing about it. Let us see how is it possible to get order detail. We can get real order id from order increment ID . Two ways you can get order details which are mentioned below:

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