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Display Loading Image While Page Loads Using jQuery and CSS

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 22:26:31 in

When we build web applications then web page takes time to load and if there is lots of image ,jquery script and css then it takes more time to load. Mostly website users close webpage when it takes more time to load,in such type of a case we try to optimize web pages to maintain speed. It is great idea to display loading image on page loads, I think it will give good experience to website users.

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How to Get Selected Radio Button Value in jQuery

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 22:24:34 in

In this tutorial we are going to see how to get selected or checked radio button value in jQuery. Here we will use :checked selector with val() to get selected radio button value from a group of radio buttons. It is very easy to get selected value using jquery. jQuery selectors are used to select HTML elements and perform actions on it. The following example will help you to understand how to get selected radio button value in jQuery.

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Phone Number Validation Using jQuery

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 22:19:48 in

Validation of a phone number is required when we validate an HTML form.In this tutorial we will see how to validate a phone number using jQuery. Now a day phone number became a mandatory field in registration form and we must validate it before submit. Firstly we check for non empty and for 10 digit numeric value. On validation failed, we append specific error message to main div so that user can get what is wrong while submitting the form.

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Disable Right Click Cut, Copy and Paste Using JQuery

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 17:39:41 in

As a website visitor you have seen that many sites restrict to copy web page content. In this tutorial we will discuss how to restrict your webpage content being copy. Basically there two option to restrict from content copy of your website.

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Multi Step Form Using JavaScript and CSS

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 17:22:33 in

Generally these days Multi step form is used more than general form we see on many website. In this tutorial we will see how to create simple multi step form using JavaScript and CSS. Before proceed to make it multi step form we have to create simple form with html. After form creation with the use of JavaScript and CSS we make it multi step form. In this tutorial we will create simple multi step registration form with 3 steps but only 1st step will be visible by default Form have three fieldsets for three different steps.

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Dynamically Change Form Action Based on Select Option Using jQuery

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 15:41:15 in

In this article we are discussing about how to change form action based on select option using jquery in HTML. Here in this article how you can change form action dynamically selecting by drop down option value. This form action change related with drop down value used in search form with different action as per their selection and a user will go to corresponding result page. It depends on requirement of user what action need in form. You can implement this snippet whenever need dynamic change of form action.

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