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Login with Google Account Using PHP

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 16:52:06 in

Google OAuth Login allow user to login with their Google account to your website. In our previous post we have learned how to login with Facebook using PHP. In this tutorial we will see how integrate login with Google system in your website. In this tutorial we will see how to authenticate a user to access website with Google Account credentials. For getting Google OAuth permission to authenticate a user we have to follow some steps which are as follows.

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Login With Facebook Using PHP

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 16:44:20 in

In this article we will learn how to login with Facebook using PHP. Now a day user not feel so good to fill a registration form and prefer to login with social account. This article will help out to create login with Facebook account option for user on your website. This feature in website increases interest of user for registration. So let us see how to implement login with Facebook in web application.
First of all we will see folder structure for files and then how to create Facebook App . After create app we have to put APP ID and Secret Key in config file. Going to discuss simple and easy steps for login with Facebook which are as follows:

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Get Twitter Latest Tweets Using API in PHP

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 15:55:07 in

In my previous article we have discussed about how to Facebook page feed using Graph API in php. Now we will see how to get latest twitter tweets using API in php.To get the latest tweets you must have an API Keys.
First of all we have to create a Twitter application from developer section and get required information to get tweets. Let us follow the given below steps to create a twitter application and get API Keys. Before proceeding we required Twitter OAuth PHP Library which can be downloading from Git Hub.

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How to Get Facebook Feed Using Graph API in PHP

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 15:49:53 in

A Facebook page feed can be display on website using Facebook SDK. In this tutorial we will show you how to fetch all your Facebook page feed using graph API and with SDK. It is possible to get Facebook page public feed and you can display on site on any event. In this article you can see how to display custom Facebook feed with Graph API.

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