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Ajax Contact Form Using jQuery and PHP

Posted on 3rd Mar 2018 19:07:40 in

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to create ajax contact form using jquery php. We create simple HTML form and write some css to style it. Jquery and ajax is used to send request  to server side and get response. This is a simple example of contact form which you can add to your site. Adding a contact form will help visitors to contact website admin by submitting information without reloading a web page.

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Posted on 7th Feb 2018 22:41:12 in

Hello, Guys


Welcome to PHPCluster - the place where you can get tutorials information about programming language.

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Dynamic Content Load Using jQuery and AJAX in PHP

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 21:38:17 in

Dynamic content loading for webpage is simple approach of loading page content by click on navigation menu link without page refresh. One of my blog readers requested me to write this tutorial. So, in this post we will discuss how to load dynamic content using jQuery and AJAX. Page content loads faster without refreshing it with jquery and JAX in PHP.

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How to add Youtube Subscribe Widget on Website

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 16:09:47 in

In this tutorial, we will see how to add Youtube Subscribe button of your channel to website. It is so simple to add Youtube Subscribe widget on website. In this article you will see with short snippet how to create Youtube subscription Widget for Your website. No need to go to Youtube channel for subscription, visitor can subscribe from your website easily. Let us see the given below snippet.

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Extract URL Data Using jQuery and AJAX in PHP

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 15:57:22 in

Looking for extracting of data from URL like Facebook. In this tutorial we see how to extract data from URL or Link. You have seen extracting data from URL using DOM parser but here we are talking about extract data in PHP using jQuery from URL. Very simple script in PHP to separate title, image and meta description of a webpage.In this tutorial we have created two webpage one for sending data using ajax and other to get results. Simple code to extract data from links in PHP using jQuery. Let us see the snippet below to understand better.

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Live Filter With Checkbox Using Jquery

Posted on 7th Feb 2018 15:46:05 in

I have required filtering the product with their attributes in ecommerce sites in core PHP. I got some issue but solved out the live filter with jquery and ajax. In this tutorial I am sharing my snippet with all my blog reader.
Now a day it is a trend to filter results with checkbox. I have also try to find out a live filtering but not got a good option and that is why I have wrote the snippet for my reader.

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