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Hello, Guys


Welcome to PHPCluster – the place where you can get tutorials information about programming language.


PHPCluster is a programming blog for those who want technical help in field of programming and its solution where we can discuss  to earn money by blogging.


PHPCluster is a blog for those programmer who have startup their carrier in a field of web development and felt typical issues regarding programming logic and syntax.

The target of phpcluster is to cooperate and inspire those people who are interested to earn money by blogging.



About Me : Vikash Kumar Singh

First of all of introducing myself formally to all of you.My name is  Vikash kumar singh. I am a web programmer and part-time blogger  who loves to find out new things in the field of programming and share with people. I have got the degree in field of Engineering in Computer Science. My technical skills are PHP, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT , JQUERY , HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP,  AJAX , XML AND JAVA .


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